Welcome to Nillion Network

So, what’s the Nillion Network?

  • Nillion is the first decentralized, trustless, and permissionless network for web3. It uses NMC tech.
  • The Nillion Network offers a secure and decentralized architecture for the transfer, storage, and computation of sensitive data. It provides a comprehensive set of services to the developer community, enabling them to build secure and decentralized applications.

Is Nillion a layer 1?

  • Nillion isn’t a Layer 1 solution. It connects with Layer 1s to support decentralized data processing. Nillion boosts blockchain utility by providing private storage, transfer, and computing capability.

Is Nillion a Blockchain?

  • No, there are no blocks, and the focus of the network is not on ordering transactions.
  • Blockchains like Bitcoin were designed for a decentralized ledger but NMC networks like Nillion focus on data processing.
  • In contrast to blockchains, each node holds only a fraction of what’s needed for multi-party computation.

How is data stored in the Nillion network?

  • Nillion’s layer acts as the base for data storage. Built on a DHT, data is spread across nodes that hold only a fraction — different than blockchains where all nodes possess prior transactions. Nodes can join and leave, storing particles, data items, and blinding factors in the decentralized system.

The Nillion Network comprises three main layers:

The Infrastructure Layer, NMC Layer, and Service Layer. The Infrastructure Layer offers basic decentralized network and storage services. It builds on a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and a peer-to-peer network that is decentralized, resilient, and supports secure sharing of data among nodes.

The NMC Layer is where Nillion’s proprietary protocols, 2-NMC and D-NMC, are implemented. These protocols allow Multi-Party Programs to be executed without any message exchange during the computation step, enabling secure decentralized computations. The NMC Layer offers core capabilities to developers through an SDK, such as transfer, store, and compute.

The Service Layer builds on top of NMC to provide additional services to the developer community. It offers high-level programming languages such as Nada and supports other languages such as Solidity. The Service Layer provides several core services, including authentication, key management, enrollment, and decentralized voting.

The Service Layer will also be extended by the developer community to build products and applications. Future services may include machine learning, data analytics, and identity management.

Who’s behind Nillion?

  • CTO Conrad Whelan was the Founding Engineer of Uber
  • Chief Scientist Dr. Miguel de Vega is the inventor of Nillion and has authored 30+ global patents.
  • Head of Cryptography Dr. Elizabeth Quaglia is a senior lecturer at Royal Holloway, University of London.
  • CEO Alex Page is an ex-Goldman Sachs investment banker and Hedera SPV GP.
  • Director of Crypto Tristan Litré was previously CTO of a DeFi platform
  • CBO Slava Rubin was the Co-Founder and CEO of Indiegogo
  • CSO Andrew Masanto started two of the top 100 cryptocurrencies (Hedera Hashgraph and Reserve)
  • CMO Andrew Yeoh is an ex-UBS/Rothschild investment banker and Hedera SPV GP
  • Head of Ecosystem Mark McDermott previously led innovation partnerships at Nike.
  • GC Lindsay Danas Cohen is the ex-Coinbase Associate General Counsel


  • Nillion raised 20M$ during the seed round led by
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It seems I stumbled across one of my new, favorite Web3 projects. I’m thinking about going full time nillion. Very exciting project, awesome team and I’m glad to be here.

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Very true. have you check nillpill and got the code? this ist the last day


Yes I did, thank you! Glad to participate and I am looking forward to watching this project grow.

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let’s start :star_struck:

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