Beginning code adventure

With all the new tech including nillion with nada does this change anything in terms of where to start and focus to be able to code projects starting at a very basic and beginner level ?

It’s seems as though as soon as I get started there is some other method or approach or “start here instead”. Perhaps this is a factor of tech loving so fast.

Pointers for very basic beginner would be much appreciated “start with this YouTube vid” wil a few following steps to end goal be able to start coding here amongst the rest of nillion, implementing nillion tech in more dapps and tools! I’m very excited with some ideas but barely get started before running into error and such.

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Here is what chat gpt has to say- is this sufficient starting answer?

The pace of technological advancement can indeed make it challenging to know where to begin, especially when new paradigms like Nillion appear. Here’s a structured approach to help you get started with coding from a beginner level and gradually move towards implementing Nillion technology in decentralized applications (dApps):

Step 1: Learn Basic Programming Concepts

Start with learning fundamental programming concepts. Python is a great beginner-friendly language. Here’s a recommended path:

  1. YouTube Tutorials:
  2. Interactive Learning:

Step 2: Understand Blockchain Basics

Since Nillion is related to blockchain and decentralized technologies, understanding blockchain fundamentals is essential.

  1. YouTube Tutorials:
  2. Online Course:

Step 3: Get Hands-on with Solidity (Ethereum Smart Contracts)

Solidity is the programming language for writing smart contracts on Ethereum, which is a good starting point for understanding dApps.

  1. YouTube Tutorials:
  2. Interactive Learning:

Step 4: Dive into Nillion Technology

Nillion is a relatively new concept, so resources might be scarce. However, understanding related technologies and concepts can help:

  1. Official Documentation:
    • Check Nillion’s official website for whitepapers, documentation, and developer guides.
  2. Community and Forums:
    • Join Nillion’s community forums or Discord channels to ask questions and stay updated.

Step 5: Build Your First dApp

Start with a simple decentralized application to apply what you’ve learned.

  1. YouTube Tutorials:
  2. Practical Guides:
    • Follow guides on building dApps using Ethereum, IPFS, and related technologies.

Additional Tips

  • Practice Regularly: Coding is a skill best learned by doing. Try to build small projects and gradually increase their complexity.
  • Stay Updated: Follow tech news, join forums, and participate in online coding communities like Stack Overflow, Reddit, or GitHub.
  • Ask for Help: Don’t hesitate to seek help from online communities when you run into errors or roadblocks.

By following this structured approach, you’ll build a solid foundation in coding and gradually move towards understanding and implementing cutting-edge technologies like Nillion in your projects.

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Holy smokes, that answer was really good. I think codecademy is a great place to start. I’ve recommended it to colleagues in the past. Go thru their catalog and dive into anything that interests you. Learning code never ends, so get “just competent enough” to pivot into something real.

There’s also lots of beginner “open issues” on github. Go to your favorite software projects and dive in there.

Also, consider joining a hackathon where there is a lot of support from peers.

Have fun and safe travels :wink: