Future use cases

GM Nills !

Nillion is a new tool designed for current and emerging technologies, poised to unlock numerous unexplored possibilities in the realm of AI and digital world. While some use cases, such as data processing for AI (AI Data), or securing multisig wallets, are relatively easy to envision, many potential applications have yet to be explored. I am eager to hear your less obvious ideas for future use cases empowered by the capabilities of Nillion and NMC. Let your imagination run wild !


  • Digitial identification (KYC for example)
  • Supply chain transparency (no slave labor in the chain without exposing the chain)
  • Medical research (privacy while sharing patient data for study)
  • Private Chats and Emails (this will never be legal XD)
  • Hotverse (ask @Nickx :smirk:)

not just medical research but genomic science, which is probably becoming increasingly ethically fraught

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Might be interesting to explore private exchanges with private orderbooks. Enclave is attempting something of the kind, but it uses Intel SGX, which has its own limitations:

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I’d like to see protection on social media platforms/apps. I believe this is where a significant amount of data breaches occur. With all the links (spam, shopping, click bait) it’s not hard to do. What’s worse is the creators/owners of these platforms that allow it, promote it AND profit off it. I won’t say any names, but IYKYK.

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Sounds really interesting