Hello guys , Happy SUnday . Just testing guys

Make some noisess here


Lets see how code looks in here

import random

# Define the elements of the story
characters = ['a wizard', 'an alien', 'a pirate', 'a dragon', 'a robot']
settings = ['in a spooky forest', 'on a distant planet', 'at the high seas', 'in a dark cave', 'in a futuristic city']
objects = ['a magical stone', 'a high-tech gadget', 'a treasure map', 'a golden sword', 'a mysterious egg']
actions = ['finds', 'loses', 'steals', 'breaks', 'discovers']

# Generate a random story
def generate_story():
    character = random.choice(characters)
    setting = random.choice(settings)
    object = random.choice(objects)
    action = random.choice(actions)
    story = f"One day, {character} {action} {object} {setting}."
    return story

# Print the story

Always code as if the guy who ends up maintaning your code will be a violent psychopath who knows where you live.

Link to orginial (1991)

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