How did you find Nillion?

I found Nillion when I was researching web3 infrastructure projects in 2022. What led you here?


Someone close to the founders shared it in a private group chat I was in :slight_smile:


I learned about Nillion from Telegram in the summer of 2023


A friend in a nft project that rugged brought me to Nillion 1.5 years ago and I fell in love ever since

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A friend of mine who knew about nillion way early on had been raving about it. I saw an interview with the founders and felt like they were operating on another level.

To be honest can’t remember when I first came across Nillion… I think it’s from VC discussions and then I started looking more into them and keeping an eye. Also when attending the CoinBureau event Nillion was present there in many talks.

A friend of mine told me about it!

the NFT discord group advertised about the project, and I was one of the first to enter discord and brought a lot of friends and advertised everywhere

Hal Press shilled Nillion in Bankless :slight_smile:

I found Nillion through a VC group in discord :handshake:

I discovered Andrew Masanto while researching the Hbar ecosystem and then i find my precious Nillion :slight_smile:


Somewhere in telegram chat found info about it

Sore subject but I found nillion through word of mouth when I was a server guardian in the discord channel .

It caught my eye due to the team behind it

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Web search for useful decentralized tech for our project

i found nillon on twitter

I was watching a youtuber name nobscrypto and made a presentation of Nillion project.

Twitter searched ai and crypto and luckily found the Nillion project! Stroke of luck

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One of a Twitter figure I respect and followed tweeted about how he was very bullish on Nillion, and when I saw that they’re building a data related product I made sure to keep an eye out on them

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I found Nillion through vVv ventures andcommunity and I am super happy about this discovery. Keep up great work team!

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Found through vVv and some close friends who were tracking novel protocols

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