How much aware you are that centralized companies like Google and OpenAI control and monetize your data?

Need of the hour raise awareness, particularly regarding data privacy, about what Nillion has tapped into, given that many people are still unaware.


Comfortably numb…
I know, and I don’t bother fight it back, for now


was thinking about the same question…

I think as long as there is no viable competitor in web3 mainstream people will stick to the centralized services.

Web3 services will have to become easier to use and get a better UX for mainstream users. Crypto is evolving fast, but we have to give it a little bit more time.


Yeah absolutely web3 counterparts will compete in parallel with these centralized entities. Btw what nillion does is totally unique and there can’t be any centralized replacement for it. As we proceed forward in time people will discover and become aware of what’s happening.


That, I agree… ‘for now’


I used to ignore it but since Ai got so big it is kind of scarry because they can analyse Data much quicker now and could make it accesible to governments or even the Public.

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Check out the latest video from google announcing the AI that can work with your email and so on. The comments are insane! “More data to sell” etc. More people are aware, that this is a huge problem which, hopfully, Nillion will fix.


Most of us are aware of the theft of our data but I had no Idea how deep the rabbit hole was until I watched the nillion presentation.