How Nillion can be used in the supply chain

Nillion’s network offers a new approach to managing supply chain data. Unlike conventional systems, it allows for the storage of the entire supply chain’s data on a network where the data remains masked and thus, secure. The public doesn’t get unrestricted access to this data. Instead, they can view the results of independent audits conducted on the masked data. This methodology ensures that sensitive information remains confidential, while still providing a transparent overview of the supply chain’s integrity.

A practical application of this could involve the creation of a digital blacklist of suppliers known for unethical practices. The network could automatically verify if any entity within a supply chain is on this blacklist without revealing any specific data about the entities involved, except for the compliance status. This process not only automates compliance checks but also significantly reduces the risk of data breaches.

Furthermore, by requiring that only direct suppliers are added to the network, and encouraging them to do the same with their suppliers, a comprehensive and transparent supply chain map can be created. This map would grow organically as more entities join the network, offering a detailed view of the supply chain without compromising on privacy.


great topic here. The description is really clear. And giving some real life usecase allow us to understand the real utility of nillion technology !

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Completely agree. I’d love to see companies start to build this tech out on the Nillion tech

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This is a highly innovative approach towards balancing transparency and security, especially with the concepts of data masking and a digital blacklist. Glad to be a part of this community where blockchain and data are used to innovate recipes for the future of supply chain management technologies.

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Nice breakdown of this major use-case and how it could be beneficial to the market.

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