How to react in bull run 🐂?

Something to say;

It’s true that people can make big gain during bull rally, but not all can make and keep it in the end of the bull cycle. Recently the market has had many fluctuations. Each sessions that sweep 15 - 30% and if you don’t know how to manage risk, you can lose a lot of money or get liquidated.

Here are some thoughts:

Do not bet against the trend: Short in the bull market is the fastest way to burning your account out and you could lose everything.

Do not overleveraged: Use the leverage carefully and close it when you feel right, don’t get too greedy. Stop-loss strategy is also necessary to avoid more losses when the trend goes against the trade, If not one day you’ll be liquidated so don’t hope for the greatest comeback.

Not all the tokens would go up, you might pick the wrong ones at the beginning and there are many scam projects across the board. Therefore, pick the tokens carefully with high potential and confirmed a bullish trend. Also enter at the right time is the most important.

Patience: Someone loss the trust in their bags and moving to increasing tokens which can cause to the big loss, new ones go down and your old ones go up. Patience is the key, don’t let your emetion make you to be a FOMO-er.

Capital management and risk management also affect trading results.

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Really great points , you mentioned everything, most of the people do mistakes you covered

Trying to think how this post is related to Nillion in any way