Life in the Future with Nillion

I think often of the future, the near future. What with many revolutionary technologies in cryptography and AI rapidly developing, I feel that everything will change so drastically and suddenly that it will catch many people off guard. I think of life in the future, and write some short stories occasionally, here is one of them:

Life has taken on a new level of convenience and privacy. I remember walking into McDonald’s, where the order kiosk immediately recognized my face. Without me saying a word, it displayed my usual order – a Big Mac with extra pickles and a large fries. The beauty of it was that despite knowing my preferences, the underlying data about my eating habits and identity remained encrypted, known only to me. It felt like magic, yet it was the pinnacle of advanced, secure technology. Everyone has gotten used to the convenience and comfort of being able to share their personal and private data freely, even to large, otherwise untrustworthy organisations and MNCs. I know that if it wasn’t for Nillion, none of us would enjoy such luxury.


And then the locusts came…

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