Market Sentiment in 2024-2025

I knew it seems all thing that happen during this year or previous one, just a start of new Beginning. And i feel like we wont repeat what happen in 2020-2021 Euphoria. More likely we gonna facing something New. There is a Book that said “History in Financial System didnt Repeat in Same Ways”. So we wont this time, i’m sure a bit.

But how this thing gonna be? Its not gonna be a Bad or Bear Play. More likely we wont getting any Fluctuative thing anymore. Everything gonna stay in Stable. Thats why this Bullrun that everyone predicatble not really open some kind of new Giga Candle in term of Weeks. It will safe u from Huge loss. We gonna enter new Dinamic Space. Where 1:1 clearly more obvious than 1:10

So the question is, is it Nillion gonna survive? Well 101 % it will. Basically something innovative should be Marked on the Top. Either there is still less eyes on us right now, but we all knew the Basic thing. Something Crazy happen when no one even noticed. We don’t really need some kind of Fluctuative Users. But the stability is way to better, just like what we gonna facing something different soon

Wish all of u in term of Profits Situation!

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