Marketing to the broader audience

Hi all, I’ve been in the server a long time and one thing I’ve noticed (speaking from someone not tech savvy) is that I feel we’re missing the mark when it comes to marketing to the wider audience through a simpler and easier to understand version of the tech.

Most people don’t have time nor the mental capacity to research in depth a project, especially one so ahead of its time. They just want an elevator pitch firsthand before they become interested enough to delve further / invest.

So how can we make this simpler to attract a wider audience?

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I think this kind of marketing to the masses it will come in due time spontaneously. Nillion team since the beginning focused on teaching us its tech and gently educating the early community to its innovative solutions. Now that the core community is Nil educated, use cases are popping up with projects, we ll soon see a testnet and Youtubers, X people etc will start talking about6it wuth their own language, for the masses

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