Meme contest #4: "Great Scott!"

Attention all Nills!

  1. This meme contest window is 48 hours!

  2. Do whatever you want with the source image – change the background, make any scenario you want, add text – the only limit is your creativity and ability with image editing tools!

  3. You have to share it on Twitter with a funny caption and tag @nillionnetwork ( to qualify

  4. Post the linked tweet here in response to this thread

  5. Optionally, to get votes from your fellow Nills, you can also post it in the #off-topic channel on the community Discord

  6. The most liked, views, and reposted tweet wins!

Happy memeing!


A small contribution.

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Congratulations to @noelnil for winning this round of meme competition!

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wow, thank you! I didn’t check the notification until now

Bro I have more like and more views why I not win is not fair??

The memes cannot be about a cryptocurrency (one that doesn’t even exist). The idea is to have a meme that can be shared by the community relevant to Nillion. Nillion is not a blockchain or a cryptocurrency.