Nillion ELI5 (open discussion)

Nillion is currently still under the radar despite being one of the most promising innovations in the data computation space, revolutionizing data security and computing in web3 and beyond. The next phase will be to onboard more people into the community.

From your understanding of the technical informations available, how would you explain Nillion in a single sentence to a non-technical person?

The goal here is not to be too technical, but rather looking for the most impactful way to describe Nillion’s revolution in a simple way. Don’t hesitate to share ideas.



Nillion simply helps users protect their personal data while they explore endless possibilities with personalised AI.


I would say that Nillion particularity is the NMC (Nil message compute) that allow each node of the network to be fully independant (unlike blockchain). That allow each node to focus on data management. And so it’s increasing security, scalability and decentralization.

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I personally love this sentence from the latest medium post about AI data

Nillion — the internet’s base layer for all private data.

Simple AND impactful

Nillion allow to use data totally anonymously and it is 100% unhackable

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