Nillion the Griffin: Keeping your level 3 data under lock and wing

ChatGPT’s debut last year significantly enhanced public understanding of AI’s capabilities, sparking a wave of interest in Large Language Models (LLMs). Devices developed by companies like Rabbit Tech, which aim to personalize interactions with smart home technology, further exemplify the potential of AI to tailor experiences. However, AI’s increasing reliance on personal data raises serious privacy concerns. The data war for controlling users with their valuable information has already begun. It’s vital to question whether companies like Rabbit Tech can be trusted to responsibly collect and protect sensitive user data. Sam Altman backed Worldcoin, for example, collects biometric data, it’s fair to assume they have far-reaching plans for this and their use of a centralized database also raises concerns about potential misuse. These things highlight the tension between the benefits of personalized AI and the need to protect user privacy.

This is where “Nillion the Griffin” comes in to keep your level 3 data under lock and wing. Unlike centralized computation, the Nillion network operates through blind computation. This means all data on the network is “masked”, ensuring nodes on Nillion have no idea what they are computing. They simply process the data without ever being able to decipher it.

Masked data is unrecognizable to anyone without a special key. This key is fragmented into many pieces, which are securely stored across different nodes in the decentralized Nillion network. This design ensures that nodes can’t “see” the data they’re computing, providing a significant privacy advantage. At last, your data, your rights.