Ongoing list of relevant white papers/research

I’ve started collecting relevant whitepapers and pieces of research as a compilation.

My first contribution is:


Authors: Joseph Abadi, Markus Brunnermeier


  • Outlines a particular Blockchain Trilemma between Fault-tolerance, resource efficiency, and proper transferability of funds
  • Emphasizes role of consensus algo in blockchains
  • Updating these lemmas in an asynchronous world of many devices is an addition to the literature

How does is this relevant to Nillion?

  • Informs the need for Information-Theortic Security and alleviates the need for computational harness
  • Fortifies blocks against quantum attacks
  • Substitues key management with Blinding factors It is cited in the Nillion whitepaper and foundational to understanding Nillion’s value prop.

The goal is to collocate the different building blocks that lead to an understanding of this technology. This paper happens to be cited in Nillion’s white paper, but other white papers may prove to be fruitful.

I encourage others to add to the list and comment on the takeaways of each.