Should there be an AI training course?

We all know that if AI is meticulously trained, it will be a 99% perfect copy (the remaining 1% is the human body that can never be replaced).
So how to train?
Wrong training will be bad AI.
Correct training is good AI.
Is that the right thing?
Should we organize AI training classes?
Let’s discuss, everyone.

Indeed. Some sort of train AI course could help. I have some exposure to training AI through different avenues.

You kind of never really see how or if you helped or changed anything. It’s always a mystery. Even some platforms provide negative prompt entry. I’m wondering if those were ever actuallyr taining AI. I have seen a few platforms where a user or trainer approves of disproves AI response similar to grade or “met expectations” mostly through third party businesses not sure if those are scams or not in hindsight.

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Picture an AI training course that’s like embarking on an exhilarating journey through the cutting-edge world of artificial intelligence! It’s packed with exciting lessons on everything from the basics of machine learning to mind-blowing concepts like natural language processing and computer vision. Get ready to dive into thrilling coding exercises and hands-on projects that’ll supercharge your skills! And hey, it’s not just about the tech—this course also shines a spotlight on the importance of ethics and responsible AI development. Get ready to unleash your inner AI superstar!


bros copy and pasting chatgpt response :joy: