What is a result node?

A result node is the authenticated individual or entity requesting data from the Nillion network. It could
be a mobile, desktop, web application, browser extension, third party server, or even a smart contract.
Here’s a few examples of result nodes:

  • When a user utilizes Nillion to sign a transaction, they will designate themselves as the result node.
  • When a user authenticates the network to then run another NMC program, the NMC nodes holding
    the particles for the execution of this program are the result nodes so that each one knows if the user
    is successfully authenticated.
  • A user can also designate a 3rd party server (e.g., bank, insurance company, airline, government) as
    the result node. This way, the user can allow 3rd parties to reconstruct computation results on
    sensitive data they hold.
  • A smart contract in Ethereum can act as the result node so that Ethereum can reconstruct and keep
    track of the result from smart contract executions without having to run them.

Source: Nillion Whitepaper