What is NMC (Nil Message Compute)?

Nil Message Compute (NMC) is a new cryptographic primitive.

It enables a non-blockchain decentralized network which similarly paves the way for a generational leap in decentralized processing, storage, and data, both for existing blockchains and as a native public utility.

It takes arbitrary data and particalizes/shreds/“horcruxes” it, then distributes those particles across a network of permissionless nodes.

NMC is also a decentralized network (but not a layer 1 or blockchain) that utilizes a novel mathematical innovation.

You can read more about NMC in this document: DocSend and also on the docs site Nillion’s MPC Protocol | Nillion Builder Docs

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NMC merges two sophisticated cryptographic methods—One-Time Masking (OTM) and Linear Secret Sharing (LSS)— to enable a network of nodes to collectively store and manage sensitive data without disclosing any details.

OTM transforms data into encrypted “particles” using random masking factors, while LSS divides these blinding factors into “shares” that are then distributed across nodes. Together, particles and shares enable nodes to perform computations locally without relying on other nodes (without interaction between them). This ultimately provides data processing speed comparable to centralized servers, unlike previous decentralized methods such as secure multi-party computation.